My better half used your bloody recipe today @dalton352. Thanks. (at Cloud City)

Weekend commenced.

That was a long night.

I believe in magnets! (at Portland Rock Gym)

Miss Pancake brought her A-game yesterday. (at Original Pancake House)

We’re pretty good at Sundays. (at Cloud City)

Kind of a grim morning. 35 and pissing rain. I tried to get up above it, but it wasn’t happening, so I descended in the French style while listening to a baseball book. (at Downtown Hood River)

Pretty civil little breakfast today.

Le temps de monter.

Every couple of weeks this guy sends all the finger cracks in the gym with a huge weight vest on just to remind me of what a wimp I am. (at Portland Rock Gym)

at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC)

Ciao for now little man. (at Dumpling Man)

Ouefs la la! (at Balthazar)

On my life, I found him like this. (at Cloud City)

We’re right here. (at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA))